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Posts for: December, 2011

With Hanukkah and Christmas right around the corner, many people are getting their pets gifts. Why not focus on your pet's dental health this year? Here is a list of Dr. Don Beebe's Top 10 Dental Related Gifts for your dog or cat.

10. Bright Bites Chews
9.  Dog and Cat Healthymouth Anti-Plaque Water Additive
8.  Nylabone Dental Toys
7.  Vetradent Bluechews
6.  Kong Dental Stick
5.  Canine or Feline Greenies Dental Chews
4.  Prescription Diet t/d or Science Diet Oral Care Diet
3.  Pet Formulated Toothpaste and Toothbrush
2.  A veterinary examination and professional teeth cleaning
1.  A person who brushes your pet’s teeth daily.

For more information on oral home care, go to http://www.dentistvet.com/home-care.html

Happy Holidays to You and Your Four-Legged Friends!

By DentistVet
December 12, 2011
Category: Conditions

Ever bite your own cheek and find that you keep biting it? The swelling in your mouth from the original injury causes the tissue to get in the way of your chewing teeth. Then you bite your cheek again and again. In dogs and cats, this is called cheek chewers syndrome. The technical term- buccal granuloma. In some patients, this can be a long term and painful condition.

Luckily, surgery can be performed to convert the mouth back to its normal anatomy and a pain-free state.


Have you ever chewed on your cheek or seen this in your pets?