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Working Hard to Make a Difference!


Mr. Bailey is a hard working therapy dog. Bailey has done animal assisted therapy since 2009 and works to help people in therapy for mental illnesses. He also regularly visits a hospice facility. His pet parent reports, "As wonderful as it is to have a companion animal, it is especially rewarding to be able to work together to bring joy and positive changes to others.". Bailey allows the human patients to see more focus, joy, and interaction than at any other point in their therapy sessions. Bailey came to Apex in March to have advanced periodontal disease treated. Because of his treatment, he will be in tip top shape so he can return to helping others feel better as well. Thanks for your service Bailey!


This Guy Should Win a Smile Award!

In fact, according to his mom, he has already won several "smile awards". We just has to post this beautiful smile and share it with the worlds. Toby came to us to evaluate a discolored tooth. We ended up performing root canal treatment to save the tooth and avoid oral surgry. He will now be pain-free and will avoid any infection associated with the pulpitis (inflammation of the pulp canal). Even better news, he will keep smiling!

The Champion Fighter of the Month is Jesse!

This month’s patient of the month is Jesse, a 9-year-old male Cocker Spaniel. Six months ago, Jesse underwent surgical removal of part of his upper jaw (rostral segmental maxillectomy) to remove oral squamous cell carcinoma. Squamous cell carcinoma is the second most common oral cancer in dogs and has the potential to spread or metastasize to other parts of the body. He has battled his oral tumor like a real champion fighter. At home, Jesse is doing fabulous. He recently came back to Apex for his 6 month recheck. His surgical site has healed well and there is no sign of regrowth. Just looking at him, you would never be able to tell he had part of his jaw removed. More importantly, he was “all wags” at his visit. Congratulations to Jesse for being a true gladiator.



The Bachelor of the Month is Dexter!

Our beautiful patient of the month is Dexter, a 1-year old Maine Coon feline. At just 5 months, this young bachelor was at the beginning of his show career when oral inflammation and redness were first noted. Although some inflammation can be related to the adult teeth coming in, Dexter's inflammation was excessive. He was diagnosed with a juvenile form of gingivitis. Because juvenile gingivitis can progress to a much more severe form of adult stomatitis, it was crucial to control the inflammation at a young age. 

Dexter was treated with a professional assesment and dental cleaning. In additional, oral surgery was perfomed to remove gum tissue with excessive inflammation and help regain a more natural shape (gingivoplasty). Following the procedure, a regular home plaque control program was instituted. Seven months after the procedure, his gingival inflammation is controlled. Because Dexter’s mom provided care early on, his oral inflammation will be easier to contro, his mouth is non-painful, and he will hopefully not suffer from stomatitis as an adult. Dexter has now won 11 ribbons and on his way to being granded. And because he is so healthy and carefree, he has plenty of time to chase his dogmates around the house.

The Super Smiler of the Month is Logan!

Logan is a 12 year old Labrador Retriever who was diagnosed with oral malignant melanoma, a type of  cancer in the mouth, about 2 years ago. Due to the aggressive nature of the growth, the right part of his lower jaw was removed. Logan's family was told he would survive for 3 months to a year. Instead of just surviving, he has thrived for the last 2 years! Logan's mom recently sent an email with an update.

"We are coming on the 2 year anniversary of him being diagnosed.  2 years!!, and I had been told 3 months to a year, you showed them.  I just wanted to thank you for all you did to save my “go-gos” life.  He is doing wonderfully and is the happiest guy in the world.  I won’t lie, it took him a little while to figure things out but that was all temporary; now he’s a pro. 

There aren’t words to describe how important Logan is to my family and you gave us more time with him.  Yes, it seemed like such a hard decision to have him go through such a rough procedure, but if we needed to do it all over again, we would.  There was just so much more time for him and he is proving it.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving him!!!"     
We are so happy for Logan and his family. Logan is truly a survivor and we hope that he keeps on smiling for years to come!

The patient of the month is Dizzi!

Dizzi was a previous patient one year ago. At that time, she had moderate dental disease. A cleaning was performed and a dental home care plan was formulated. This month, she came back to Apex for her scheduled professional cleaning and her dental health was much improved. She received an "A" on her dental report card! Her current regimen of plaque control at home consists of dental formulated food and weekly OraVet application. Paired with regular professional cleanings, her dental health (AND SMILE) should be maintained. 

Congratulations to Dizzi and her caretakers for improving that wonderful smile!