Martini Taylor, a 6½-year-old Australian Shepherd Dog presented to Apex for signs consistent with oral pain. Taylor is a sweet dog with a gentle disposition. Historically, Taylor had shown prolonged dysphoria (grogginess) following anesthesia for dental treatments elsewhere. Oral assessment revelaed a complicated tooth fracture at Taylor's right upper carnassial. Based on exam, the fractured tooth was not a good root canal treatment candidate. Instead, surgical extraction was performed.

"We are happy to report that Taylor has recovered very well from his treatment.  He has been eating and drinking normally for several days. His energy and attitude returned to normal very quickly. The healing has been without problems. I have continued to brush his teeth every night and have been inspecting his mouth carefully. There has been no abnormal behavior. Tonight we will apply the first of his home Oravet treatments. Thank you"
Jennifer M ., Castle Valley , UT


Martini Riley, an 8-year-old domestic shorthair cat, came to us for widespread, severe periodontitis. The dental infection was so bad, it had invaded into bone causing osteitis. Because of infection, Riley also had developed an oronasal fistula, which is a communication between the mouth and nose. Oral surgery was performed to remove his diseased teeth and repair the oronasal fistula. Riley bounced back well following his treatment.

"Riley recovered great to the best of my knowledge. He eats and drinks just fine. It seems like he’s always hungry! Ha Ha. He has more energy and his attitude is the same. He use to have bad odor from his mouth due to his teeth, but that has gotten a lot better as well."
Nick T., Colorado Springs , CO


Martini Otto, a 9-month-old male Miniature Schnauzer, presented to Apex for multiple puppy mouth problems. He had several puppy teeth which failed to exfoliate on time. He had a Class 2 malocclusion, i.e. an overbite. But worst of all, Otto's lower canines were misaligned and traumatically contacting the roof of his mouth.

Although orthodontic treatment was not realistic for Otto, interceptive treatment was provided to ensure this puppy would have a comfortable and functional bite. The persistent puppy teeth were carefully extracted. Otto's lower canines were reduced in height with concurrent vital pulp therapy. Following his procedure, Otto never missed a beat: “I think he is even more energetic than before and still as sweet as always."
Ronda F., Westminster , CO


Martini Flounce is a 7½-year-old domestic shorthair cat who came to us for surgical extraction of a retained tooth root.

“She has no problem eating crunchy treats, and she is still jumping into high places.
Thank you for such a wonderful experience under such difficult and unusual circumstances."
Barbara K., Denver, CO


This wonderful pooch, Akela, came to us with complicated fractures of both her upper carnassial teeth. The damage was so bad that root canal treatment was not an option and surgical extractions were performed.

She did great after anesthesia! She started acting normal the day after. No upset stomach. Akela is very happy about the snow today! Thank you so much! We recommended your office to a coworker as we felt the service was wonderful and that your office truly cared about making akela comfortable and healthy."
Natasha T., Edgewater, CO


Smoochy is a personable 16-year-old shorthair cat with heart disease who came to us for treatment of a fractured tooth and tooth resorption. A safe anesthesia protocol was devised and multiple extractions were performed. He handled surgery extremely well and bounced back quickly.

“Thank you so much for taking such good care of my Smoochy cat. I think he feels much better, and his lack of teeth don't slow down his eating habits!!! Smoochy is pretty good at keeping his tongue in his mouth, but has developed cute smiles when his lips get stuck. So cute!!! Thanks again for making him fell better!!!"
Brooke G., Aurora, CO


Martini Maggie is a 5-year-old Chocolate Lab who came to us for surgical removal of an aggressive oral tumor, acanthomatous ameloblastoma. The tumor was growing around her back molars and had already spread into the nearby bone. A surgical approach was devised which allowed removal of the tumor, while preserving the majority of Maggie's jaw.

Upon hearing the news about the final biopsy report and Maggie's absence of tumor cells, her owner stated “That is amazing news. Thank you so much to Dr Beebe and your amazing staff. Y'all definitely helped make a difficult situation easier to handle and you took such great care of our baby girl Maggie. Thanks again."
Chase B., Denver, CO


Martini Fritz is a 15-year-old Pomeranian who came to us because his owners were worried that his teeth might be bothering him. He had been having trouble eating for a while. His owners were giving special treats to encourage eating. Fritz would occasionally pick up his food only to drop it or jump back away from it. Historically, he had received multiple extractions in the past.

Dental x-rays showed severe widespread periodontitis as well as retained tooth fragments at the site of a "missing" premolar. These issues were addressed here at Apex.

“Dr. Beebe is the best! We were so worried about having our 15 year old Pomeranian undergo surgery. He did great and recovered in no time."
Tony M., Littleton, CO


Martini Cinder is a 14-year-old Miniature poodle who presented to us with a combination of heart disease and dental disease. Cinder's owner was understandably very worried about anesthesia and didn't know for sure if she wanted to go through with Cinder's procedure.

“Thank you for taking wonderful care of Cinder, I am sure the dental procedure has added years to her life. Cinder is doing well today after her surgery. Your staff is wonderful and caring."
Bea B., Greenwood Village, CO

Rudy & Holly


Martini Rudy is an 8-year-old Golden Retriever mix. His sister, Holly, is a 5-year old Golden Retriever with mild tooth-on-tooth wear issues, early periodontal disease, and a hidden past.... During her dental treatment, an embedded birdshot pellet was located and removed from her lip.

“My veterinarian referred me to Dr. Beebe after I found a fractured tooth on one of my golden retrievers.  I am extremely grateful for the referral and have had such a positive experience with this practice.  Dr. Beebe and his team are absolutely outstandingly wonderful - I can't say enough good things about them!  They are so genuinely kind and passionate in their care for animals.  Dr. Beebe is a very talented veterinarian and skilled specialist in dental care.  It is so rare to find a veterinarian like him!

When I brought my dog in for an initial appointment, Dr. Beebe provided a very comprehensive overview about my dog's dental health and explained the fracture and options of a root canal and extraction in detail. He provided written copies of the options and overviews for me to review at home and also gave such helpful advice on dog dental care in general.  I ended up deciding on tooth extraction  (along with a dental cleaning).

Having a dog put under anesthesia is always a little stressful and worrisome for the owner, but Dr. Beebe and team totally kept me at ease!  I appreciated that they called right before the procedure so that I wasn't left wondering when my fur child would be going under anesthesia.  They also called after finishing  and gave me updates on how my dog was doing.  When I picked my dog up, Lindsey gave me a detailed recap of the procedure and recommended at-home care.  They called later in the day to check on my dog and again the next day.  My dog had a smooth, great recovery!

After such a positive experience, I decided to bring my other golden retriever to Dr. Beebe since she was due for a dental cleaning.  Though routine dental cleanings are typically fine for regular veterinarians to do, I was so impressed with the expertise and great care that it was a no brainer to bring my other dog child here.  :)  Consistent to my prior experience, they called before putting my dog under anesthesia.  During the procedure, Amanda called, and while I was initially nervous to get the call, Amanda quickly reassured me that everything was going fine and said that Dr. Beebe wanted to discuss something found during my dog's cleaning. During the teeth cleaning, he discovered that my dog had a small bebe gun bullet in her back mouth area (I adopted her as a rescue dog, poor girl!) that he recommended removing.  Removing it was a simple procedure, and my dog healed up quickly!

I felt so comfortable having both of my dogs under such exceptional care and am most grateful.  I was impressed with how quickly both of my dogs recovered from anesthesia, as well.  I appreciated what a detailed, helpful web site Dr. Beebe has with several great resources about pet dental care. (Pictures/x-rays from dental procedures are even made available online.)  I have learned so much and would never go anywhere else for dental care when it comes to my dogs!   Thank you, Dr. Beebe, Lindsey, Holly, Amanda, and Denise!!"
Claire S., Denver, CO


Martini Keiko is a 14-year old Japanese Chin with multiple health issues and significant anesthesia concerns.

I'd give 10 stars if I could!!! There are no adequate words to express the depth of my gratitude to Drs. Beebe and Grimm - and their wonderful and compassion at e staff - for their care and miraculous work on Keiko, my 14-year-ol d Japanese Chin.

When I adopted Keiko 3 years ago his teeth were horrible and he had a bad heart. I was told by several of Keiko's former vets and specialist s that he could not survive anesthesia , so we managed his infection with pulse antibiotic s. Ultimately , he became resistant to the drugs and the infection was out of control. Suddenly, a dental was no longer optional - it was absolutely necessary and without it, I would have no choice but to put Keiko down due to the severity of the infection.

Keiko's current vet, along with his internist and cardiologi st, felt he would likely be okay IF his dental was performed by a board-cert ified veterinary dentist with the assistance of a board-cert ified anesthesio logist. Drs. Beebe and Grimm came very highly recommende d, and although Keiko's case was very complicate d, they were able to ease my concerns and felt confident he was a good candidate for surgery. However, they suggested we wait a month until his liver values returned to normal after a bout of pancreatit is, brought on by his most recent round of antibiotic s. Yes, Keiko had already been through a lot!

My faith in Drs. Beebe and Grimm was well placed, and Keiko sailed through a very complicate d dental (including repairing a large and horribly infected oronasal fistula) with flying colors. Their communicat ion before, during and after surgery greatly exceeded my expectatio ns, and I have truly received the best Christmas gift ever ... my Keiko is still with me AND he's feeling better than he has in a long, long time.

A huge "thank you!!!" to Dr. Beebe, Dr. Grimm, and each and every one of the staff with whom I or Keiko came into contact. You are truly THE BEST! ♥
Mary E., Parker, CO


Martini Parker is a 10-month old Chihuahua mix who came to us for management of a severe orthdontic overbite condition.

Dr Beebe,

I want to thank you and your staff for taking such good care of Parker over these past months.  All of you are so good with the animals and it shows in everything you do. Parker does not hesitate to walk in the office which is a testament to you all.  If I hear of anyone who needs a dentist for your animal, I will be recommending you.  You are well worth the drive for the wonderful care you and the ladies provide.  Thank you again and happy holidays. "
Cindy M., Boulder, CO


Martini Martini (right in picture) is a 5-year old Maltese and was referred to our hospital for evaluation of facial swelling and draining tracts. On close examination, discoloration of the two upper 4th premolars was noted. One tooth was able to be saved with root canal therapy. Martini's owner writes:

“I want to thank you so much for taking such great care of our beloved Martini. He is our child. There is no other way to put it. Martini and his sister Lola are the lights of our lives. Martini is back to playing with his sister as he did before his teeth started hurting him so bad. We knew he felt bad when the playing stopped. You have really shown us that the most important part of your practice is the care and well-being of the animal.
Thank you again Dr. Beebe. There are no words to say how much we appreciate your kindness and your help! And please thank your wonderful staff! They are very sweet."
Kandi A. and Gary H., Castle Rock, CO



Mercedes was seen by us for evaluation and treatment of oral pain and inflammation. We diagnosed tooth resorption along with retained roots, which can contribute to oral inflammation and pain. Oral surgery was performed to treat the teeth. After the surgery, Ms. R. noted that Mercedes' mouth seemed much more comfortable. In addition, Mercedes was no longer spending 23 hours of her day sleeping. Instead, she wanted to "play, play, play". Mercedes' owner writes:

“Thank you for taking such wonderful care of Mercedes. She is a "new" cat . I can barely get her to stop playing long enough to take her medicine. I can't remember the last time she felt this good. It gives me peace to see her so happy. I appreciate all you did."
Allison R., Englewood, CO


Bear Bear was brought to us with the hopes of curing the tumor on his jaw. When he first came in, he was having difficulty chewing. He was diagnosed with an osteoma, which commonly results in local damage to surrounding bone and teeth. The area with the tumor was completely removed to prevent re-growth. After the surgery, Bear did great and the owners were very pleased with the outcome of surgery. Bear's owners write:

“We will be forever grateful for all you did for our dog, Bear. He is doing great after surgery. We can tell he is feeling much better and he is definitely a happy dog once again . Thank you for the genuine concern for his welfare and the outstanding job you did in accomplishing a difficult procedure."
Bob S. and Sharon S., Littleton, CO


Bailey was a 16-year old Domestic Short Hair cat who was treated for resorptive lesions and periodontal disease. When Bailey was brought to us, Ms. E. was reluctant to have a procedure done because she was concerned about how Bailey would be affected by anesthesia knowing she was older and that she had kidney disease. During anesthesia, we took the necessary precautions appropriate for a patient with kidney disease. Bailey did very well during the procedure and had her painful teeth treated. After the procedure, Ms. E. noted that Bailey was " acting like a much younger version of herself ". Approximately 1-year after Bailey's procedure, Ms. E wrote:

“Just wanted to let you know I had to have my precious Bailey put to sleep. She was nearly 18 years old! You did major dental work on her, for which I am forever grateful. The last months of her life were of much higher quality than her previous years. Thank you for your patience and kindness toward Bailey and me."
Lois E., Littleton, CO


Seri Seri came to Apex with a recently fractured canine tooth. Because the canine tooth is large and important in function, Ms. J opted to save it with root canal therapy. Seri did wonderful under anesthesia and the procedure went smoothly. After the procedure, Ms. J wrote:

"I just wanted to let you know that Seri is doing absolutely fabulous and that her tooth looks amazing .  You are definitely right... I don't think anyone will notice anything unless I point it out to them.  Obviously, that speaks to your expertise!

I think you and Becki are the most caring people with the most awesome bedside manner.  I appreciate the fact that you explained everything to me in detail and that you sent me copies of your notes to my veterinarian.  Becki was so sweet and so accomodating with regard to Seri having to go through a root canal and anesthesia.  You are very lucky to have her on your staff. Again, I so appreciate your expertise and your and Becki's caring nature. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I will see you in 6 to 9 months for x-rays."
Leslie J., Castle Rock, CO


Mayer's owner always tried to take care of her teeth and brush regularly. The 11 year old Dachshund came to us after Mr. S noted a hole in one of her teeth. After noticing the defect in the tooth, Mr. S drove all the way from Wyoming twice to make sure Mayer received the care she needed. Advanced oral surgery and periodontal care were performed. After the procedure Mr. S wrote about how Mayer was recovering:

"Thanks to everyone there for giving my little girl Mayer the care see needed. I got to say, I read about how people took their dogs to the canine dentist because the dog had a broken tooth or tooth problem and after it was fixed, how the dog seemed younger and had more energy. Mayer has always had energy but her eyes are more open, she wags her tail more, and her kisses don't stink . It could be because of her teeth being taken care of or all the special food she is enjoying, I think its the teeth part. Many thanks."
Dan S., Wheatland, WY


Maggie Maggie presented to us after being diagnosed with Acanthomatous Ameloblastoma, a cancer located on her right lower jaw. Initially, Ms. K was reluctant to have her older pet undergo anesthesia and surgery. However, the surgery was performed to remove the tumor. Maggie recovered well and the tumor was completely removed (cured!). After the surgery, Ms. K noted that Maggie was acting like a puppy once again. Maggie's owner writes:

“I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of Maggie. She looks great and is so energetic- just like her old self . I look forward to seeing you and your staff again. Thanks again for your excellent treatment of Maggie. "
Patti K., Indian Hills, CO


Takota Takota came to us for evaluation and treatment of a swelling of the upper jaw. A cyst structure and changes on radiographs (x-rays) were noted. The cyst had expanded to affect the bone and surrounding teeth. The area with the cystic changes was surgically removed. He did wonderful after surgery. The laboratory report evaluating the biopsy sample revealed that the entire cyst had been removed and that re-growth was unlikely. Takota's owner writes:

“We just wanted to write you a note to thank you for your care and concern for our Husky, Takota. We so appreciate your taking the time to explain his rare cyst and our treatment options. We are very happy to report that Takota is a completely normal dog these days, enjoying walks and napping on his own bed . Thanks again for your excellent care."
Andrew and Elin R., Lone Tree, CO