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Sometimes, the needs of your patients require the most specialized care. Similar to human medicine, veterinarians are not supposed to be able to treat every condition. Apex Dog and Cat Dentistry is proud to be an extension of your practice. Your clients will appreciate the advanced treatment options that you are able to offer in our partnership.

We take care of your patients and try to return them to their home practice as soon as possible. Reports of your patient's visits are sent to your office. If you ever have questions or concerns, Dr. Beebe is more than happy to discuss your case.

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Recent Continuing Education

In addition to providing advanced dental care for pets, Dr. Beebe also teaches at continuing educational seminars on a regular basis. Recent and/or upcoming seminars are listed below.

Double Down on Dentistry 
Aug 11-13, 2019
Western Veterinary Conference sponsored, Oquendo Center, Las Vegas, NV

Conquering Dentistry 
Aug 26-29, 2019
Zoetis sponsored, Oquendo Center, Las Vegas, NV

33rd Annual Veterinary Dental Forum
September 26-29, 2019
Orlando, FL

34th Annual Veterinary Dental Forum
Oct 29-Nov 1, 2020
Dallas, TX 

35th Annual Veterinary Dental Forum
Oct 21-24, 2021
Indianapolis, IN

The Veterinary Dental Forum is held each year at a new location to allow regular attendees a chance to see various sites and locations around our great country.  This also provides an opportunity to be educated, entertained, and do some sight-seeing. The Veterinary Dental Forum offers many levels of dentistry in an attempt to target the interests and abilities of as many of the attendees as possible. For more information go to http://www.veterinarydentalforum.com/


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Recommended Reference Material, Professional Organizations, and Information Links

Reference Material


Wiggs's Veterinary Dentistry: Principles and Practice, 2nd edition
Lobprise, Dodd, eds. Wiley Blackwell. 2019.
(Kindle edition also available)

Veterinary Dental Techniques for the small animal practitioner
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(Kindle edition also available)

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Editor: John Lewis. 
The Journal of Veterinary Dentistry (JOVD) is written for veterinary dental scientists, veterinarians, dentists, and veterinary/dental technicians who are engaged in veterinary dental practice. JOVD provides a continuing education forum that can serve as a reference source in the veterinary office. JOVD publishes articles that provide practical and scientifically sound information covering not only the medical and surgical aspects of veterinary dentistry but also specific categories including anatomy, restorations, crowns, endodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, laboratory animal dentistry, and dental and oral biology as they relate to clinical practice. For individuals to subscribe to the Journal of Veterinary Dentistry, and for more information on the Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry benefits, please go to https://www.VeterinaryDentistry.org/support for access to subscribe and/or contribute to the Foundation.


Professional Organizations

The American Veterinary Dental College website is a great place to learn more about dental pathology and the latest nomenclature. Upcoming dental CE's and ideas for promoting your dental practice can also be found here.


The Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry is the largest organization of veterinary dentistry in the world. Its contributors and subscribers are veterinarians, veterinary technicians, veterinary assistants, practice managers, industry leaders, vendors, philanthropists, wildlife biologists, researchers, and pet owners. A group of individuals who are passionate about veterinary dentistry whether that is a dog with a broken tooth, a rabbit with a dental abscess, a horse with a painful bite, or a tiger with a tooth ache.


Veterinary Oral Health Council certified dental products can be found here to help provide the best home care advice for your patients.

Prescription Diet t/d is one of the VOHC approved pet foods for dental health that we often recommend.

For up to date information on oral neoplasia, please visit the Veterinary Society of Surgical Oncology site. 

For more information for promoting your hospital's dentistry service, visit Hill's Pet Dental Health Campaign site for free clinic kits, downloadable resources, tips for pet owners, and fun games and activities for kids. 

Located in Tennessee, Dr. Greenfield at Your Pet Dentist has great dental information and blogs.

Dr. Brett Beckman provides up to date information on resources and continuing education.