At Apex Dog and Cat Dentistry we are able to offer the latest in CT imaging technology. The Vimago is an entirely new type of CT technology. It provides unmatched resolution compared to other systems, and has the ability to quickly scan the entire body of any patient from a mouse to a mastiff. Our Vimago system provides robotic high definition computed tomography, large field high resolution fluoroscpy, and whole body digital radiography all in one device. In addition, this novel technology outperforms conventional CT while using 80% less radiation.

With this CT imaging system the entire head can be imaged in a single 18 second scan, allowing evaluation of teeth, jaw bones, maxillofacial anatomy, sinus and nasal cavities. CT images are composed of slices which allows millimeter by millimeter detailed assessment. In addition, a computer-generated three dimensional image may be produced. These images are superior to regular x-rays for evaluation of maxillofacial fractures, temporomandibular joint dislocations, and oral cancer.

Sample Images